Memberships and Partnerships

SustainaWOOLTM is a membership-based scheme, with membership, accreditation, and certification available to eligible wool growers, in any state or territory of Australia. The scheme also provides products and services for supply chain partners – wool selling brokers, wool buyers and exporters, wool processors, and other industry organisations in Australia or overseas.

The following pages contain the information you need to become a SustainaWOOLTM member, service levels and associated subscriptions, and application forms.

The Philiosophy of SustainaWOOL<sup>TM</sup>

Our philosophy is that buyers and sellers of wool should be able to specify and celebrate high standards of sustainability, traceability and clip preparation

Mark Grave, AWEX CEO

Grower Membership

Grower Members

Australian wool growers have chosen to become members of SustainaWOOLTM and become accredited. Their accreditation is renewed on an annual basis, and only clips and individual sale lots of current accredited members are eligible to be sold as such.

These accredited growers represent a wide range of Merino and non-Merino types, geographic locations, and enterprise types.

The common feature to all is a passion and pride in what they do, application of best practices and willingness to declare these practices and to be audited.

Sheep on the hillside

What does grower membership entail?

SustainaWOOLTM Accreditation involves:

  • Completion of the application form and practices checklist – this checklist enables applicants to show that reasonable care has been taken to avoid, remedy or mitigate any adverse effects on the environment or the sheep – this includes State and Commonwealth Government requirements such as completion of a Farm Chemical Users course by at least one person working on the farm, and maintenance of an inventory of all chemicals kept on farm, and compliance with safe handling and storage requirements;
  • Successful completion of a desk audit – all applications submitted are subject to this mandatory audit;
  • Acceptance of farm inspection and flock audit – 20% of farms are selected at random for inspection each year;
  • Provision of evidence of purchase and application of pain relief products for breech modification operations.
  • Confirmation of application of professional wool classing standards, via physical appraisal of all sale lots by an expert AWEX appraiser.

Supply Chain Partners

Our supply chain partnerships are critical to the success and continual growth of SustainaWOOLTM, and in recognition of their active contribution to the scheme, partners share in the benefits.

SustainaWOOLTM partner status is conferred by AWEX to commercial post-farm gate businesses actively engaged in the wool trade, and typically includes wool selling brokers, wool buyers, exporters, wool processors, and wool industry bodies.

Partner status is conferred upon successful application to AWEX.
In addition to promoting our Partners through the SustainaWOOLTM website:

  • Accredited partner wool selling agents receive bespoke pre-sale lot offering and amendment reports, and staff training opportunities.
  • Accredited partner wool exporters and processors receive bespoke lot offer reporting, automated pre-sale amendment reports, and staff training opportunities. They also can achieve certified status, and purchase AWEX SustainaWOOLTM consignment certification reports, traceable back to the individual sale lot and farm.
  • Accredited brand and retail partners receive access to staff training opportunities and can achieve certified status and access AWEX SustainaWOOLTM consignment certification reports, traceable back to the individual sale lot and farm.

Membership Fees

AWEX operates as a not-for-profit wool industry services company, and recoups the costs associated with service provision through charging fees.

In keeping with AWEX’s not-for-profit ethos, the SustainaWOOLTM Integrity Scheme operates on a cost-recovery basis.

Membership packages are offered on a rolling 12-month basis, subject to annual re-application on the anniversary of application, and require payment of any associated fees in order to take part and to receive benefits, including ability to identify your wool to buyers using the SustainaWOOLTM Quality Scheme Code.

A summary of all 2020/21 fees and services packages are available here.

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For Australian wool growers, the 2020/21 membership has been set at $150 GST inclusive, and is payable at the time of first accreditation or subsequent renewal.

Payments can be made by cheque or money order, VISA or Mastercard, or by electronic fund transfer.

To Apply for Or Renew Your Accreditation

If you are interested in applying for SustainaWOOLTM membership for the first time, or renewing your membership, please choose from the following options:

grower online application

Online applicants will be issued a tax invoice by AWEX

grower download application

Please complete the payment section on Page 6 of the Checklist form

supply chain partner application

Online applicants will be issued a tax invoice by AWEX